The Art of wearing Perfume

October 10, 2021 admin

In the previous blog we talked about quick guide on choosing an ideal fragrance. But wearing a perfume well is not as easy as it seems, it requires little more finesse. We all have experience of how it feels to be next to a colleague who has sprayed far too much perfume. Neither would you want your perfume to give others a headache nor would you want it to fade away after a couple of hours. There’s a certain etiquette attached to wearing fragrance too.

Choose right perfume – Fragrances are similar to clothing, what works well for others may not suit you. So, the perfume that you choose should be your personal choice depending on your taste and your body chemistry. It should reflect your personality.

Wear Scents Appropriate to Mood and Occasion – the perfume you wear should enhance your image, not distract or suffocate people. Therefore, It is important to wear perfume according to the season and occasion.

Kickstart your day with light energetic fragrances, such as a bright and zesty fragrance. Heavy perfumes like woody and oriental are best for a night out.

The way we update our closet from winter to summer, we need to adust our fragrance also according to different seasons. In summers wear light, airier or jucier fragrance, whereas in winters richer scents with woody and oriental notes.

Wear it right – To maximize the lasting of your perfume apply it at your pulse points like wrist, neck, inner elbow etc. You should know when less is more. People should only be able to smell you when they are an arm’s length distance from your body.

Instead of pumping up, try experiment with layering your perfume with scented lotion. If you will be exposed to the sun, it is recommended to spray perfume on your clothes instead of your skin. Do not rub perfume onto the skin, the heat damages the original fragrance.

The best place to store your perfume is the box it originally comes in at room temperature. Never store your perfume in bathrooms or in extreme temperatures. 

Know when to skip the scent – Right perfume can boost your confidence or revitalize your senses. There are some situations, however, where you should avoid wearing perfume; swimming pools; beaches; hospitals. Instead, use scented lotions.

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